SNAP Practice: the Micro-grant projects

2 We Need A Safe Space To Take Risks Photo By Sophie Hunter

The final part of the SNAP Practice project offered a very small amount of money to a group of artists and a commissioner to flesh out a mini project - to consider a new way of working, to grab the opportunity to take a risk, to prove a hunch...

The micro-grant funded projects were a way for key lessons and questions from the SNAP Practice programme to be considered in more depth. 

These questions included:

  • Can we include young people’s voices in the commissioning of projects?
  • Can we build enough trust within commissioning teams to innovate and take risks, and so change the way we are working?
  • Can we make sure that commissioning includes space for what each of the partners can offer into the mix?

We hoped that the results of these 4 micro-grants will inform a clearer path for future SNAP developments in both the support of artists/commissioners and the ongoing development of participatory arts work with children and young people within Sheffield.

Each of the individual projects have an entry on the website - take a look!

Micro-grant 1                        The ‘Non-Marketplace”                                                

Micro-grant 2                        Artists’ residency – secondary   (High Storrs)                                 

Micro-grant 3                        Artists’ residency – primary   (Watercliffe Meadow)                                             

Micro-grant 4                        Vulnerable young people                                               


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written on the 22nd June 2016
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2 Bamboo To Experience The Interconnection Between Artists And Commissioners Photo By Sophie Hunter

What was SNAP Practice?

written on the 29th April 2016
A space for artists and commissioners to imagine new ways of working with children and young people.
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2 Commissioner Artist Equals In Creative Process Photo By Sophie Hunter

Micro-grant 1: The ‘non-marketplace'

written on the 22nd June 2016
How artists and teachers (as commissioners) interact and meet was a subject of ongoing discussion
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