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In our conversations with teachers and schools over the past couple of years, we have noticed a theme emerging… schools are too busy to make connections with new artists, and it all feels too much of a risk to work with new, high quality arts companies. 

In the past, local authority advisers have helped keep links with the schools alive, but this is not a route available to us any more.  There were projects like Creative Partnerships and the Sheffield Children’s Festival that helped us make the connection with new schools and new teachers – but they don’t exist now either.  Teachers tell us that they are inundated with leaflets and offers, and have no time to read them or respond to them.  They have also told us that they want a quality assured place to find artists who work with children and young people in Sheffield.

So, what’s the solution?!

CapeUK, the Arts Council’s Bridge Organisation in Yorkshire and the Humber have been working in partnership with Breeze Culture Network to expand their long-established and highly successful online community to create a ‘one stop shop’ directory and messaging service for Yorkshire and Humber – and now it’s coming to Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham!

It’s free of charge, and it requires you to have both a DBS check and Public Liability Insurance (as signed of quality assurance for teachers).  We can help you with both if you haven’t got them.

CapeUK have set us a challenge.  If we can get 100 practitioners onto the site, fully signed up, they will publicise its availability to all the schools in the region. CapeUK want to provide easier access to information about arts and cultural opportunities available to children, young people and the adults that work with them.

What are the aims of BREEZE CULTURE NETWORK?

Our aims are to provide:

  • easier access for schools and other educational settings to information about quality assured artists, arts and cultural organisations and opportunities in the region.
  • visibility for artists, arts and cultural organisations as part of a comprehensive directory which allows them to create a profile and market opportunities to children and young people through the adults that work with them.

Artists, arts and cultural organisations

If you’re not already on Breeze Culture Network then now is the time to join up. Become part of this comprehensive directory and market your offer to schools.


CapeUK have already created a basic profile for all schools in Yorkshire and Humber. All schools need to do to start using the site is go to the homepage, click ‘register/login’ and type in your school’s name.

Join and Connect

The process is the same for everyone. All you need to do to start using the site is go to the homepage, click ‘register/login’. Once your membership is approved you can:

  • create a personal profile about you and your work/school and select the kind of information you want to hear more about in your local area.
  • use the messaging service to let others know about activities, training, opportunities, performances and commissions you offer.
  • access resources and a regularly updated newsfeed about national developments in education, arts and culture, examples of best practice from across the region and activities.

Register for BREEZE at:

For more information or to get information about Public Liability Insurance or DBS checks, contact Sophie Hunter.           

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