Micro-grant 4: Vulnerable young people

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When artists are commissioned to work with young people in non-artistic settings and environments, there are often barriers to that work resulting from the differences in experience, professional training and working practice between artists and professionals who work with vulnerable young people.  This micro-grant seeks to identify what some of those barriers are and look at ways to overcome those barriers and to improve the effectiveness of joint work between artists and youth sector professionals. 

Micro-grant 4 details:

Micro-grant 4 explores how to improve communication & joint practice between young people, artists & professionals who work with vulnerable young people.  It is a tiny project - £200 value – for one artist.

1.     Writing an email and send it out to interested parties within youth sector, professionals (from different organisations), and possibly 1 or 2 meetings with artists who have been involved in working with such professionals and young people, inviting everyone in one room at the same time for a meeting.

2.     At the meeting the group co-writes the survey questions and discusses the broader idea for the CPD workshop.

3.     Create a Survey Monkey type survey. Writing a short report describing the findings of the survey and meetings, and outlining a proposal (including costings) for a skills sharing workshop.

When? No time scale has been set on this at present, due to illness.  However, it is hoped that the questionnaire will be complete for the sharing event in the autumn/winter 2016.

Who? CT, artist and youth sector worker is leading on this micro-project.  Please contact Sophie Hunter if you would like to be involved or kno.

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