Micro-grant 1: The ‘non-marketplace'

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How artists and teachers (as commissioners) interact and meet was a subject of ongoing discussion during the 3 SNAP PRACTICE sessions.  SNAP had a ‘marketplace’ session planned for summer 2016, which participants reacted strongly against as it felt“hierarchical” and “too them and us”, and artists had had previous poor experiences of similar events.

After taking these thoughts to the SNAP Steering Group, it became a focus to plan a small event to help establish new, fresh and exciting creative relationships between participants, young people, commissioners (including non arts/traditional commissioners) and makers - and the micro-grant would explore the routes in which to do this.

Micro-grant 1 details:

What?  The micro-grant will fund the first steps in achieving a larger scale event which will now take place during the autumn/winter of 2016 (we're still calling this the 'non-marketplace' - it needs a proper name - can you help?!!). This group (including artists, teachers, young people) will work with the appointed coordinator at the start of the process to help shape the theme and content of the event.  The aim would be to begin to develop clearer understanding from all parties views into how we could best support people in discovering, experiencing and commissioning/creating work and collaborative opportunities, and in which forum this would best flourish.

Who? Initial commissioner during SNAP PRACTICE was an NPO theatre, but as the project will now been realised in full (rather than just micro-grant), SNAP is taking the lead as commissioner, involving the micro-grant group.  

When? The micro-grant is to be linked in to the development of a SNAP event, which will take place in the autumn/winter of 2016.  At this event, all the other micro-grant projects will share their findings too.    

If you are an artist or teacher interested in being part of the group who will form and shape this event, please get in touch with Sophie Hunter before the end of July 2016.

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